A Custom PVC Manufacturer

Manner Polymers, a custom PVC manufacturer,  has production lines dedicated to producing transparent, natural, and colored compound. We formulate to your special requirements including UV resistance, surface gloss, and temperature properties. Along with a broad line of existing compounds, we have the product development and manufacturing capabilities to provide a truly customized solution.

Consumer Goods

Our flexible PVC compounds are used to make garden hoses, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) tubings, spa hoses, vacuum hoses and lay flat pool hoses. Manner offers compounds that meet UL 224 specification, 3-A Sanitary Standards and NSF 51/61 Standards. We also offer non-phthalate compounds and compounds using only FDA-compliant raw materials.

Manner’s laboratory and R&D facilities are equipped with the latest in quality control and research equipment.  This enables Manner to develop an infinite number custom PVC compounds while insuring lot to lot consistency when produced.

Injection Molding

Manner’s injection molding compounds find applications in electrical connectors, plugs and over mold terminators. Our PVC compounds comply with UL 94 and UL 746 specifications; listings include HB, V2, and V0 compounds.

For almost 60 years Manner Polymers has been a leading custom PVC supplier in the USA.  Manner’s, Texas based, state-of-the-art plant features a highly automated custom PVC compound manufacturing process.  Coupling high intensity PVC compound mixing with both Buss and twin-screw extrusion technology, Manner Polymers is able to manufacture consistent, high-quality and cost effective custom PVC compounds.