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Manner Polymers has been supplying PVC compound to the medical industry for over the last 30 years. Our compounds find use in a variety of medical devices, such as respiratory care products, medical tubing, masks and cannulas. Manner has non-DEHP, non-phthalate, and FDA-approved compounds. Our compounds conform to USP Class VI requirements and ISO-10993 standards.


PVC compound is one of the most commonly used materials in the medical industry. In addition to our standard medical grade compounds, Manner offers customer-tailored solutions such as hardness (A55 – D60), kink-resistance, clarity, low-gloss, and non-phthalate formulations for medical extrusions.

Injection Molding

Along with our standard medical molding compounds, we manufacture custom and pre-colored compounds for specialty applications. Our compounds exhibit superior consistency and processability.