We are a privately held manufacturer of specialty, commodity and custom polymer compounds. We produce products for wire & cable, extrusion and injection molding applications. Our products are used in appliance, automotive & transportation, building & construction, computers & electronics, consumer goods, industrial, medical and telecommunications markets. We combine chemistry, market knowledge and innovation to develop a safer and smarter future.

We are a group of professionals who embrace a strong work ethic and love what we do.


Though Manner Polymers was founded in 2000, its roots are over 50 years old. The predecessor of Manner Polymers (Manner Plastic Materials) was founded in 1960 to provide flexible PVC compounds to serve the wire and cable market in California. From our earliest days, Manner has earned a solid reputation for quality, service and product development.

In 2009, Manner Polymers expanded its product capabilities with the purchase of PVC Compounders, LLC. With this acquisition, Manner added more than thirty years of appliance and automotive wire & cable experience to our portfolio.


Manner’s culture of excellence coupled with our highly automated facility enables us to produce robust, consistent compounds. Our formulas are designed to reduce scrap, increase line speed and improve product performance in the field.

Manner’s initial business model was to serve as a custom compounder delivering the highest level of customer service. We have kept firmly in place the core focus upon which the company was founded. Our commercial and product development teams excel at developing custom solutions for our customers.

While most markets are primarily comprised of commodity products, there is typically a need for higher performance, specialty applications. Through market knowledge and formulation experience we develop safer and smarter products.