Building and Construction

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Manner has a full line of high performance products for the building and construction market. Our market expertise coupled with technical service offers unique value to our customers in this market.

Wire and cable

Manner has OEM and UL approved compounds for UL QMTT2 (TW, THW, THWN, THHW, THHN, THWN-2 wire types), NEC and performance specific applications. We have a proven track record with lead wire, building wire, alarm cable and low voltage cable in the building & construction industry. In many cases our products increase line speeds and reduce spark counts.

Profile extrusion

Manner’s profile extrusion compounds are used in weather strips, floor wire covers, screen splines and cove bases. We offer compounds with a wide range of durometers (from 50A to 63D) and gravities (1.25-1.51).